Nov. 23, 2022

42: The Power of Acceptance in "Befriending Bipolar:" Oliver Seligman, Mental Wellness Coach, Author, and Meditation Expert

42: The Power of Acceptance in
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Bipolar disorder is at its core a global issue: although the systems for managing the disease vary from country to country, it impacts more than 45 million people worldwide. With this, it is always enlightening to speak with individuals around the globe who have found strategies for effectively managing the disorder.

Oliver Seligman, today's guest, is a prime example: mental wellness coach, advocate, meditation teacher, and author of Befriending Bipolarand The Broker Who Broke Free. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Oliver was diagnosed with bipolar type one at seventeen. Having spent time in mental hospitals in Norway, Australia and the U.K, he finally gave up the fight, learned to accept his illness, and turned his life and his relationship with bipolar around.

Join host Nikhil Torsekar and Oliver Seligman as they explore numerous subjects, including:

  • The meaning of the title “Befriending Bipolar:” how Oliver adopted the calm, accepting mindset of the Tai Chi master, versus the bloodied, aggressive professional boxer
  • A deeper dive into aspects of bipolar disorder that Oliver experienced, including mania (euphoric and agitated), hypomania, depression
  • The key practices that helped Oliver manage his bipolar disorder, including medication, meditation,
  • An overview of time inside a mental hospital, how it differs from classic depictions in media (i.e., One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), and the variances in approach to mental health between the United States, Norway, Scotland, and India
  • What constitutes a “good,” versus “bad” therapist
  • The pivotal importance of relationships in effective management of bipolar disorder
  • Oliver’s journey with meditation, including The Bright Path Ishayas’​ Ascension
  • The benefit of taking a light-hearted (versus excessively serious) approach to discussing mental illness
  • Tactics for effectively managing bipolar disorder, including asking for help, finding purpose, and surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Authors who have contributed to greater understanding of the disorder, including Kay Redfield Jamesonand mutual connection Paris Prynkiewicz

You can connect with Oliver on his YouTube channel, Instagram, LinkedIn, and his Website -

Check out his books on Amazon, including Befriending Bipolarand The Broker Who Broke Free.

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