Untether Your Life

Untether Your Life

Untether Your Life empowers listeners to own their own health and break free of "templates" for managing physical and mental wellness, along with traditional South Asian definitions of success.
Nikhil Torsekar and Shelly Sood speak with experts in meditation, folks who have struggled with mental illness, clinicians with insights on the South Asian experience and other incredible guests.
Untether Your Life is part of The Shelly Story platform, which captures Nikhil and Shelly’s journey in a blog, book, and upcoming movie. For more info visit shellysood.com or untetheryourlife on social media.

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59: Dylan Bernstein: Maximizing Mental and Physical Wellness Through Yoga and Other Eastern Practices

March 29, 2023

Are you looking to improve your mental health and overall sense of wellbeing? Focusing on deep breathing and gentle poses through the practice of yoga may help! On this podcast, we love to go beyond medication and cognitive …

58: Happy Birthday to The Life Shift Podcast!

March 22, 2023

This week's episode features my thoughts on The Life Shift Podcast as well as a trailer for the show, which launched a year ago. One of the things I've loved most about my journey in podcasting is connecting with amazing fel…

57: Natasha Levinger - Author, Healing Your Inner Child; Host, Getting to Know Woo Podcast: Intuition, Inner Child Work, Energy Healing

March 15, 2023

The central theme of Untether Your Life is going beyond traditional modalities for managing your mental and physical wellness. What does that actually mean though? It’s a very broad statement, but intuition, inner child work…

56: Robert Pardi - Possibility in Action: Embracing Impermanence in New York City, Dubai, and Abruzzo, Italy

March 8, 2023

Robert Pardi is the founder of Possibility in Action™, "a powerful personal growth philosophy that can help unlock a world of limitless possibilities and potential." Robert embodies the tenets of Untether Your Life: after hi…

55: Erwin B. Valencia - NBA Wellness Expert, the "Godfather of Gratitude," Non-Profit & Web3 Founder on the Power of Gratitude and Much More

March 1, 2023

The term “polymath” gets thrown around quite a bit these days, with many people positioning themselves as experts in X, Y, or Z. However, a lot of times it's, as they say, "all hat, no cattle." And then there's Erwin B. Vale…

54: Jenny Thrasher, All That We Are - Beyond Saving a Life, to Living a Life We Love

Feb. 22, 2023

Jenny Thrasher is on a mission to "shift the mental health narrative from a fear-based, crisis mentality to one of wellness and empowerment." Through her companies All That We Are and Growing Out of Darkness , as well as her…