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Profoundly Inspirational

Nikhil has a knack for connecting with and finding amazing speakers to be part of his podcast. Their perspectives are unique and thought provoking. He is clearly well-organized, as the questions he asks are deep and bring about genuine perspective shifts. Highly recommend this podcast!

Amazing & Relatable Podcast!

Nikhil brings on amazing guests and and does a great job at opening the show up to relatable content and ideas!

Great Host and Topics

Nikhil is an experienced professional with great facilitation skills with the high-caliber guests he brings into the show. Not many podcasts highlight the South Asian diaspora experience, so definitely a great listen if you are interested in mental health and mental illness-related insightful conversations.

Fantastic Show - Important Topics

This is a great show that discusses topics that people often shy away from. Untether Your Life hits the mark with its host, Nikhil, and guests aiming to break the prescriptive model for “dealing” with many areas of mental health. Highly recommend checking out the show - pick the most interesting topic and start there. No doubt that you’ll be back for more. Matt, host of The Life Shift podcast

Amazing podcast!

This podcast is an amazing tool for learning about wellness in both the physical and mental space. With great hosts and meaningful guests, this podcast is a great way to gain a deeper perspective on life.

Nikhil fosters connection

I appreciate the important topics and issues you are covering to create change! I agree mental health should be proactive. We all struggle and we all articulate it differently. Nikhil you have a knack for this!


Interesting perspectives, powerful stories and masterful host makes this podcast stand out. Each episode offers an opportunity to untether your life from conventional mold and explore the possibility for a different perspective.


I enjoy listening to this podcast, learning about mental health issues along with spiritual perspectives on health and wellness. I appreciate hearing it from a Southeast Asian viewpoint. The host has a good voice for podcasting and his own experience with mental health challenges makes everything more poignant.

Great episode!

Really enjoyed listening to the Jason Goldberg episode and was reminded of some great insights that I can implement in my daily life!

Nik, the right questions, and Jason’s humor!

What a great episode! This was a great listen I had over lunch with myself. So many great nuggets that I got to listen in a new perspective. I resonated so much on the topic of play. I’ve learned to play on my own adult sand box and make heavy situations light, playful, and fun. I liked Jason’s definition of play; “Play means you are present, curious, focused, collaborative, and creative. How do we play with what’s going on with our thoughts in our head. Use it instead of being played by it.”

Take Healing into Your Hands

This is the podcast for you to hear from leading experts and people with lived experience on how to holistically heal! Tune in to hear the steps you can implement today to take charge of your mental health!

Important conversations

I’m loving getting to know this podcast. There are so many deep and valuable conversations here about different ways to heal, both physically and mentally. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and vulnerability. Can’t wait to hear more!

Great Conversations For Mental Health

Shelly and Nikhil do an amazing job simply breaking down mental health and wellness in a very humbling and easy to intake experience.

Important conversations!

Really appreciate all the work Shelly and Nikhil put into this podcast. As a South Asian, I am so grateful for conversations like this exist to normalize discussions around mental health and wellness. Very Interesting guests and topics and lots raw honest conversations happening here to learn from.


Wonderful content, with a really awesome host. Lots of great concepts to think about. I love it!