Jan. 5, 2023

48: Jonaed Iqbal: Founder of NoDegree.com; Untethering from the Template South Asian "Doctor / Engineer / Failure" Career Menu

48: Jonaed Iqbal: Founder of NoDegree.com; Untethering from the Template South Asian
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Happy New Year! With the start of a new year, kids are likely back to the grind - whether it's at high school, college, or other insitutions of higher learning. 

So this week's discussion is timely: host Nikhil Torsekarspeaks with Jonaed Iqbal, the Founder of NoDegree.com and host of The NoDegree Podcast where he interviews people without college degrees and has them share their stories so others can follow in their path. 

Jonaed is also a YouMap® certified career coach who has helped hundreds of candidates land jobs and promotions at Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Spotify, and other top firms. 

Nikhil and Jonaed touch on numerous topics in this interview, including:

  • The humble origins of NoDegree.com - the Website and podcast - in a response to a Reddit thread in 2014 about career paths for candidates without college degrees
  • How Jonaed's perspectives were shaped by his time at Bronx Science, Queens College, and Columbia University
  • The incredible value Jonaed has gotten from the podcast, and lessons from noteworthy guests of the NoDegree podcast such as MMA Champion Demetrious Johnson and Scribe Media CEO JT McCormack 
  • How NoDegree seeks to address deficiencies with Indeed, Monster, and other job posting sites
  • The turning tide of the limited traditional "doctor / engineer / failure" menu of career options in the South Asian diaspora, which places undue emphasis on college rankings

To learn more about Jonaed, please visit nodegree.com and nodegree.fm, or connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Connect with Nikhil to learn more about Untether Your Life and other projects: