Jan. 26, 2023

51: Benoit Kim: Discovering More with a Podcasting Policymaker Turned Psychedelic Therapist, "Third-Culture Kid" and US Army Veteran

51: Benoit Kim: Discovering More with a Podcasting Policymaker Turned Psychedelic Therapist,
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Benoit Kimcould be seen as the poster boy for the mission of Untether Your Life, as he has broken free of the traditional templates of success for Asian Americans. Further, he’s gone above and beyond in owning his health, exploring the benefits of psychedelic therapies for managing mental illness both in a personal and professional capacity.

Benoit is a former policymaker turned therapist, US army veteran, and host of the Discover More Podcast- a show for introspective thinkers with growth mindsets seeking authentic life stories.

On this week’s episode of Untether Your Life, Benoit and Nikhil touch on numerous topics, including:

  • Benoit’s journey in launching Discover More – a top 2% globally ranked podcast - 3 years ago, and some of the incredible guests he’s spoken with
  • How podcasters and content creators can leverage social media for benefit, and overcome its destructive elements, which some scholars have equated to a casino.
  • Insights from thought leaders such as Naval Ravikant, James Clear, and Dr. David Rudd
  • Benoit and Nikhil’s struggles and successes in navigating the journey of the Asian diaspora, characterized by a sometimes toxic combo of pressures and prosperity
  • How schools of meditation like The Silva Methodcan help to tune down the static in the "radios" of our brains.
  • The ramifications of psychedelic therapies such psilocybin, which was shown to eradicate complex PTSD and treatment-resistant depression for more than 80% of participants in a study published in the prestigious research publication Nature

To learn more about Benoit, please visit discovermorepodcast.com, or search for Discover More on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also connect with him on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Connect with Nikhil to learn more about Untether Your Life and other projects: