Feb. 22, 2023

54: Jenny Thrasher, All That We Are - Beyond Saving a Life, to Living a Life We Love

54: Jenny Thrasher, All That We Are - Beyond Saving a Life, to Living a Life We Love
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Jenny Thrasheris on a mission to "shift the mental health narrative from a fear-based, crisis mentality to one of wellness and empowerment." Through her companies All That We Areand Growing Out of Darkness, as well as her writings, she was able to untether herself from the traditionally dire and hopeless approach to navigating the gut-wrenching journey of loss. This is a topic the tireless mental health advocate is all too familiar with, as her father died by suicide, her own daughter nearly took her life, and she herself struggled with suicidal ideation following pregnancy.

In this episode of Untether Your Life, host Nikhil Torsekarand Jenny touch on many topics, including:

  • The vital importance of practicing safe messaging and exercising caution with our choices of words when discussing difficult concepts such as suicide 
  • How the tragic loss or near loss of a loved one can teach us to shift from simply staying alive to truly living a life we love
  • The actual stigma around suicide (most likely different from what you'd think)
  • The background and mission of All That We Are and Growing Out of Darkness
  • The story behind her published book Growing Through Grief, as well as her upcoming work
  • The merits of acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and other holistic healing modalities

To learn more about Jenny and request a copy of her book, please visit All That We Are or Growing Out of Darkness, or connect with her on Instagram at jennythrasher.allthatweare.

Connect with Nikhil to learn more about Untether Your Life and other projects: