March 8, 2023

56: Robert Pardi - Possibility in Action: Embracing Impermanence in New York City, Dubai, and Abruzzo, Italy

56: Robert Pardi - Possibility in Action: Embracing Impermanence in New York City, Dubai, and Abruzzo, Italy
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Robert Pardiis the founder of Possibility in Action™, "a powerful personal growth philosophy that can help unlock a world of limitless possibilities and potential."

Robert embodies the tenets of Untether Your Life: after his young wife passed away of metastatic breast cancer, Robert re-imagined his life and left his comfort zone to achieve new dreams. He now shares the many life lessons he’s learned through his work and fashioned his life as an example of Possibility in Action™.

Prior to his dramatic life change, the New York City native had spent several years in the Middle East, as Senior Portfolio Manager in Abu Dhabi, and Co-Founder of the Dubai-based Private Equity firm Evolvence Capital. He now spends the majority of his time in Abruzzo, Italy.

Outside of traditional coaching, Robert hosts personal growth retreats and workshops in Italy, creates micro video mindset modules and hosts the Possibility in Action podcast. In this week's episode host Nikhil Torsekarand Robert touch on many topics, including:

  • The origin of Possibility in Action, and how this platform can liberate us from the "land of regret."
  • Robert's circuitous journey from an abusive upbringing in The Bronx, to a promising career in private equity and idyllic married life in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (cut far too short when his wife Desiree passed from cancer at 41), to his current vocation in Abruzzo, Italy
  • How taking care of Desiree informed his decision to become a life coach and write three best-selling books
  • What the imperfections in the pieces of ancient mosaics and Michelangelo's David can teach us about self actualization
  • How daydreaming - an activity that we're dissuaded from as children - can serve as a powerful catalyst to help us realize a major life shift.
  • Philosophies and authors who have resonated with Robert, including Richard Bach, Rumi, and stoicism - along with the Eastern notion of impermanence

To learn more about Robert and Possibility in Action, please visit his Website -, or reach out to him on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

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