March 22, 2023

58: Happy Birthday to The Life Shift Podcast!

58: Happy Birthday to The Life Shift Podcast!
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This week's episode features my thoughts on The Life Shift Podcastas well as a trailer for the show, which launched a year ago.

One of the things I've loved most about my journey in podcasting is connecting with amazing fellow podcasters such as the show's host, Matt Gilhooly. The Life Shift Podcast features candid conversations with people about the pivotal moments that changed their lives forever.

We all have our stories, but through these conversations, we discover communities. We learn that there are commonalities through the ups and downs that we all face. But most importantly, we learn that we are not alone. The Life Shift podcast highlights life-altering moments and humanizes the struggles and triumphs through them all.

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In honor of the one-year anniversary of The Life Shift, here's a quick bit from Matt discussing the show, along with a "highlight reel" featuring some incredible guests.

This trailer features moments from episodes, including:

  • Pamela Topjian
  • Matt LeBris
  • Cristina Marcello
  • Matt Drinkhahn
  • Wiley Davis
  • Rebecca Lerch
  • Claudia Noriega-Bernstein
  • Brian Acord

Music: Spark of Inspiration by Shane Ivers -

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