April 5, 2023

60: Neal Bakshi - Banking On Angels: From Wall Street To Spiritual Awakening

60: Neal Bakshi - Banking On Angels: From Wall Street To Spiritual Awakening
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One of the most exciting parts of hosting Untether Your Lifeis connecting with folks with whom I "vibe" on numerous fronts, such as Neal Bakshi. Like me, Neal's parents came to the US from India, he worked for years in the very stressful financial services industry, and he developed a strong affinity for Eastern wellness modalities of a traditional (i.e., Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship) and modern (i.e., Niraj Naik's SOMA Breath) variety.

We touched on numerous topics on this week's episode, including:

  • Neal's move from the cut throat, always-on world of investment banking at Goldman Sachs to that of a spiritual life coach, reiki energy healer, breathwork instructor, and digital nomad
  • Neal's recently published book Banking on Angels, and how it can help readers achieve a sustainable meditation practice, attain higher states of consciousness, and appreciate the power of synchronicities in life
  • How the devastating and unexpected loss of his mother prompted him to untether his life, and rethink his previous attachment to the never-ending pursuit of material satisfaction
  • The legacy of Greek mathematician Pythagoras, beyond the widely-known Pythagorean theorem: the vibrational energy of numbers; the significance of "angel numbers;" and why (how??) Neal gets up at the ungodly hour of 3:33 every morning
  • The scientifically proven benefits of breathwork, meditation, and energy healing
  • A deeper dive into the Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins, Einstein's maxim that "everything is energy" and the Soul Audit, as developed by Jean-Francois Brau

If any of these concepts resonate with you, please reach out to Neal on Instagram, visit his website at nealbakshi.com, or check out his book Banking on Angels.

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