April 19, 2023

61: Tanya Mitra - The Remixed Relationship, and Managing Mental Health in the South Asian Diaspora

61: Tanya Mitra - The Remixed Relationship, and Managing Mental Health in the South Asian Diaspora
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Of the many issues impacting the South Asian diaspora, one topic we haven't discussed on this show is relations with other minority groups. So I was very excited to connect on this week's episode with Tanya Mitra, one of the most prominent voices on the topic of Blindian (Black and South Asian) relationships. She is a perfect illustration of a life untethered, as she's broken free of numerous templates in the South Asian diaspora - in her choices of career, romantic partner, and strategies for managing her mental health.

Tanya is an Indian-Canadian-American former luxury fashion executive turned Conscious Change Life Coach who works with Women of Color + Women of Immigrant Descent to break the cycles of limitation by unpacking toxic cultural and societal conditioning.

Tanya is also the creator of The Remixed Relationship(formerly known as Blindian Bliss), a group coaching program and community that supports South Asian women in a relationship with a Black partner who are struggling to navigate familial and cultural disapproval by learning to courageously and confidently live in their truth.

We touched on many topics, including:

  • How relations between black and South Asian communities – specifically romantic and marital relationships - have evolved since the 1990's, when Tanya began her first relationship with a black boyfriend in high school.
  • Tanya's incredibly challenging journey with mental health, which began at age 16 with several suicide attempts, hospitalization, and multiple rounds of trial and error with medication. By getting curious, reading extensively, and probing beyond the "script" read to her by doctors, she was able to own her health and achieve happiness, balance, and stability in her life.
  • The mission of Blindian Bliss, a group coaching program that helps South Asian women in relationships with black men achieve "self-awareness, love, heart-centered guidance, and enjoy the best and most important ride of their lives," along with success stories of women who have gone through the program.

To learn more about Tanya's story or find out how to work with her, please visit tanya-mitra.com, or connect with her at @the.remixed.relationship on Instagram.

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