Feb. 20, 2022

Episode 14: Jo Bevilacqua, on Being "No Longer Last on the List"

Episode 14: Jo Bevilacqua, on Being
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Jo Bevilacqua is the multi-award-winning founder of Hallmark Carpets and Flooring, Serenity Loves and Jo Bevilacqua Mentoring. She is also a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls.

Jo works with business owners to help them grow profitable and productive businesses. She tries to live and breathe the advice she gives in her best-selling book No Longer Last on the List and encourages you, like the mentor and friend she is, to stop putting your dreams off until tomorrow and start working on them today, because she knows you’re truly worth it. 

In this episode, Jo talks to Shelly about what it takes to have a successful life and career, the highs and lows of building 3 businesses, raising a young family, and the triumphs and challenges of being a woman in 2022.

To contact Jo, please visit her Website (jobevilacqua.com), or contact her on Twitter / Instagram.