Dec. 9, 2022

44: Introducing "Untether Your Life"

44: Introducing
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Today marks a new chapter for this podcast: we launched this initiative a year ago alongside our blog, the book we'd co-authored, as well as an upcoming movie. The core themes are owning your own health - i.e., looking beyond surgery, medication, and cognitive therapy to manage your mental and physical wellness.

More broadly, our mission is to help you as the listener "untether your life:" break free of "templates" - professional, cultural, and health-related - that you may have accepted as being written in stone. We do this by speaking with experts in meditation, folks who have struggled with mental illness, clinicians with insights on the South Asian experience and other incredible guests.

To better reflect this motivation, and serve you as the listener and continue attracting high-caliber guests on the show, we will be rebranding the podcast as "Untether Your Life." You can find us online at, on Spotify, Apple, and other podcast platforms at Untether Your Life, as well as untetheryourlife on Instagram, and other social media platforms.