Dec. 21, 2022

46: Justin S Grant: Finding Synergies Between Business and Spirituality – Even for Busy People!

46: Justin S Grant: Finding Synergies Between Business and Spirituality – Even for Busy People!
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Spirituality is something that seems quite elusive in a hyper-notified, always-on world where we're glued to our screens, engaged in FOMO, doom-scrolling, or curating our Instagram feed to portray a perfect social and professional life. Justin S. Grant, however, has found a way to artfully blend these two worlds in his book Spirituality for Busy People (an abbreviation of his earlier work Business and Spirituality). In this episode, the Los Angeles, California-based author, entrepreneur, singer, and mentor speaks with Untether Your Life host Nikhil Torsekar about many topics, including:

  • The distinctions between the views of psychology in eastern and western views, and how some consider Buddha (not Freud) to be the father of modern psychology
  • The roots of FOMO, doom scrolling and other modern technology-driven behaviors, in our primal "reptilian brain-based" need for survival 
  • A deep dive into the concepts of transformational psychology, and Justin's lifelong passion for the wisdom traditions and Eastern and Western spirituality 
  • The destructive impact of poor diet (i.e., refined sugar) on physical and mental health
  • Nikhil and wife Shelly Sood's work on advancing the mantra of "owning your own health" and embracing holistic treatment modalities beyond just surgery, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • The evolution of Spirituality for BusyPeople into an highly impactful online platform with visualization meditation videos, worksheets, one-on-one Zoom calls and much more 

To learn more about Justin, please visit his Website or connect with him on Instagram at @spiritualityforbusypeople or @justinsgrant

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